S2 suhy



Addition-curing, superhydrophilic, medium-bodied correction impression material.

S2 suhy can be used for the double mix technique in all areas of dentistry. The thixotropic property in conjunction with the specific flowing property assures stability even in difficult positions. The packaging of S2 suhy in cartridges allows for exact dispensing and automatic mixing.

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Technical data

Consistency: medium-bodied
Colour: red
Linear shrinkage: < 0.1 %
Mixing time: Tubes: 30 sec. / cartridges: not applicable
Working time: Tubes: 1:30 min./ cartridges: 2:00 min.
Setting time in the mouth: < 3 min.
Final hardness: approx. 55 Shore A
Standard: ISO 4823, Type 2, medium consistency