S4 suhy



Addition-curing, extremely light-bodied correction impression material with superhydrophilic properties for use in all impression techniques.

Due to its excellent flowing and impression properties, the material develops, in the moist areas of a dental impression, a strong affinity to the moistened surfaces of the mucous membrane and the teeth. Avoiding air inclusions, the material flows to all critical areas and re- produces very fine contours. Residual liquids are flushed out through compression pressure and the material’s super-hydrophilic properties. lts thixotropic properties prevent the material already applied from seeping away.

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Technical data

Consistency: light-bodied
Colour: violet
Linear shrinkage: < 0.1 %
Mixing time: not applicable
Working time: 2 min.
Setting time in the mouth: < 3 min. Final hardness: approx. 50 Shore A
Standard: ISO 4823, Type 3, low consistency

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