Bisico, Bielefelder Dentalsilicone GmbH & Co. KG, is a family-run company which was founded in 1970 by the master dental technician Horst Ludwigs in Bielefeld. In 1999, the business was transferred to Maike Wassmann, the founder’s daughter.

From the initial product line based on a small range of condensation-curing silicones came a comprehensive range of high-quality consumables for the dentist and the dental laboratory. Bisico was one of the first companies to produce silicones for impressions. The product range today includes impression materials with a polyvinyl siloxane base, products for temporary restoration, high-quality materials for modern dental fillings, and modern bleaching materials. Since the company was already operating internationally at the very start, it developed into a global supplier. Satisfied dentists and dental technicians in more than 50 countries work with Bisico materials every day.

About us

Building on decades of experience as well as ongoing further development of our products, we offer innovative, high-performance materials which guarantee high-quality prosthetic restorations for your patients. Since the company was founded, our guiding principle “Your methods – our material” has been central to all of our product ranges. Our customers’ needs and satisfaction are our top priority, because satisfied and successful customers are our future. To ensure this, our work is based on three pillars:

1 High
quality standard

We are able to guarantee a consistently high standard of quality for our customers thanks to many years of close collaboration with our suppliers. In doing so, we place great value on “Made-in-Germany” for all of our products. Adherence to this high standard is demonstrated by the compliance of our quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO13485:2012 as well as adherence to EC Directive 93/42/EEC, Annex V.

2 Continual

We develop our products in ongoing collaboration with dentists and dental technology laboratories, which ensures that our products meet the high demands of today’s practice and are always state of the art.

3 Reliable

As a direct supplier, personal contact with our customers plays an important role. Our in-house service as well as our qualified sales representatives will be happy to advise you and are always available to discuss your issues and needs.