Lutesil V


soft putty

Condensation-curing special material for use in taking preliminary impressions in the field of complete denture prosthetics.

As the initial consistency of the material is very soft, it is suitable for impressions
taken using the “Ludwigs Technique“ (see page 22). The combination of 96 Shore A hard silicone and a steel splint ensure that, a stable, torsion-free preliminary impression is achieved. It can be easily trimmed with a knife, stone or bur.

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Technical data

Consistency: soft putty
Linear shrinkage: < 0.1 %
Mixing time: 30 sec.
Working time(incl. mixing time): 1:40 min.
Setting time: approx. 3 – 5 min.(at mouth temperature approx. 3 min.)
Final hardness: approx. 96 Shore A
Standard: ISO 4823, Type 0, very high viscosity