Type IV dental stone.

Bisico® Synth-Rock is a synthetic Type IV dental stone which is primarily used to produce high-quality dies and master casts for the precious metal technique and partial dentures. The creamy consistency and the flowing properties ensure that the surface of the models is absolutely free of bubbles and all fine details of the impression are reproduced. The snap effect makes a long working time and short setting time possible. Thus several models can be produced at the same time. Thanks to its high edge strength, the model can be trimmed and prepared such that it is free of burs. As the expansion is adapted to the shrinkage values of addition-curing silicones, contour accuracy of the models is assured.

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Technical data

Colour: gold-brown
Mix ratio: 100 g powder : 20 ml water
Mixing time: 30 - 45 sec. under vacuum
Working time (incl. mixing time): 4 - 5 min.
Setting time at room temperature:
approx. 30 min.
Compressive strength after 2h: 53 N/mm²
Hardness after 24 h: 200 N/mm²
Expansion: approx. 0.09%
Standard: ISO 6873



Box, 20kg