Type III universal dental stone.

Bisico® Synth-Dur is a synthetic Type III dental stone. As the colour of the gypsum is natural white, it can also be used safely for investment of heat-curing (Positioner or BISICO Lutemoll). Due to the specific properties of this kind of gypsum, it is particularly suitable for orthodontic applications. The expansion of 0.14 % is low and thus meets the requirements of dental work.

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Technical data

Colour: white
Mixing: dependant on the purpose, if possible under vacuum
Mixing time: 30 – 45 sec.
Working time(incl. mixing time): 3 – 4 min.
Setting time at room temperature: approx. 25– 30 min.
Compressive strength after 2 h: 36 N/mm²
Hardness after 24 h: 180 N/mm²
Expansion: approx. 0.14 %
Standard: ISO 6873