Bond LC

SKU: '75260

Bond LC is a light-curing one-component priming and bonding system which is easy to apply.

It was developed for powerful bonding of composites, compomers and metals to enamel, dentine and both precious and non-precious metals. Bond LC is suitable for impregnating root canals before filling and for cementing root canal posts. lt can also be used as primer for indirectly bonding restorations e.g. for ceramic, metal and composite inlays, onlays, veneers and crowns and bridges that are fixed with a dual-curing cement. Bond LC is compatible with all ight-curing composite materials currently available on the market. Based on ethyl alcohol, it has strong hydrophilic properties. For this reason, Bond LC can be applied, according to the wet bonding technique, onto slightly moist dentin surfaces.

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