Alginate substitute for anatomical impressions and more.

The outstanding properties of A-silicones, such as high dimensional stability, crisp detail and good elastic recovery have been combined with the advantages offered by alginates, including short intraoral setting time, outstanding hydrophilicity, pleasant flavour and easy impression removal.

Algi-Press is suitable for:

Anatomical impressions / opposing jaw impressions / fabrication of temporary restorations / production of splints / orthodontic applications

The 380 ml cartridge makes for extremely clean and easy handling. Mixing is not carried out by hand, but in a Sympress (Renfert) or other mixer for automatic, dust-free and quick results. Dispensing is always accurate and homogeneous. Algi-Press guarantees safe and efficient working in daily practice routines.

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Technical data

Consistency: medium
Colour: mint green, mint taste
Linear shrinkage: 0,15 % (24 h)
Mixing time: not applicable
Working time: max. 1:20 min.
Setting time in the mouth: 1:40 min.
Final hardness: approx. 45 Shore A
Standard: ISO 4823



380 ml, incl. 10 dynamic mixing tips 5:1