Micro Esthetic flow-viscous


Micro esthetic flow-viscous is a flowable, highly viscous, highly radiopaque (210% AL), light-curing nanohybrid composites for restoring small class I-III cavities, and also class V cavities.

ln addition to this, it can be used for fissure sealings, underfillings, corrections of enamel defects, blocking out of undercuts, and minor shape and colour corrections to the enamel. Micro Esthetic flow-viscous is compatible with all customary bondings.


Due to its optimized flowing behaviour, Micro Esthetic flow-viscous even penetrates into areas that are difficult to reach, so it is suited for cavity linings under our composites Micro Esthetic or Nanofill n. The high filler content of 77 wt% glass filler ensures the high viscosity of the flow composite. There is no running or dripping of the flow composite and it allows a highly precise application. This makes minimal invasive restorations of class V easier. Excellent mechanical properties such as a low polymerisation shrinkage, an extremely high abrasion resistance and high flexural strength are further key properties. As this new composite does not contain bis-GMA the patient’s sensitization is reduced and its biocompatibility is increased.

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