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Addition-curing special silicone material for making functional impressions for complete dentures and partial free-end dentures.

The soft consistency of the material allows for moulding a functional edge with excellent contour accuracy of the valve edge. The hand-kneadable material is evenly applied on the tray border using the enclosed syringe. Additional moulding by hand helps to shape the functional edge in the mouth. As the setting period in the mouth is 60 – 90 seconds, all necessary functional movements have to be completed during this period.

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Technical data

Consistency: kneadable/putty
Colour(A/B): white/olive-green
Linearshrinkage: <0,1%
Mixing time: 30 sec.
Working time(incl. mixing time): 2:30 min.
Setting time in the mouth: approx. 3:30 min.
Final hardness: approx. 60 Shore A
Standard: ISO 4823, Type 0, very high consistency