E-Bond LC

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E-Bond LC is a self-etching, light-curing one- component adhesive and can be used in combination with all light-curing composite materials available on the market.

lt develops a very strong bonding of composites to enamel and dentin. With bond strength values of 24 and 22 Mpa on enamel and dentine E Bond LC is one of the top products used in this field. E-Bond LC ensures a long-lasting high marginal seal between composite and enamel/dentin and thus prevents secondary caries. A long-lasting stability of the restorations is the result. Another important advantage is the time saving due to the simple handling. The bothersome etching of enamel and dentine is no Ionger necessary. With E-Bond LC etching, priming and bonding are done in a single step. The simple application of the material onto the moist enamel and dentin is sufficient to produce a durable, long lasting restoration. E-Bond LC does not contain any solvents and can be stored at room temperature.

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Komposite u Adhaesive:

5 ml bottle (incl. brush holder blue, disposable brushes, mixing palettes)