Cementime DC®

SKU: '03730

Dual-curing, eugenol-free, semi-permanent luting cement for crowns and bridges on implants as well as for long-term temporaries, delivered
in a mini syringe.

Cementime DC® is produced on the basis of methacrylates and impresses with its excellent adhesive properties. ln contrast to composite-based cements, Cementime DC® does not have any shrinkage, but a controlled slight expansion ensuring an excellent marginal seal within the superstructure. The high elasticity minimizes the pressure on the implant and thus reduces bone stress.

Cementime DC® contains zinc and has thus good antibacterial properties. As the user can apply the material directly out of the mini syringe, mixing with a spatula is not necessary and so correct dosing is always ensured. An extremely thin layer is necessary to achieve maximum fit accuracy. For inspection the temporaries can easily be removed without damaging the superstructure. Excess material that escapes when the temporary is placed can be removed without any problem. Cementime DC® is compatible with all kinds of material combinations.

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