Bisico® Bulk Fill


The all-rounder with perfect flow properties.

Bisico® Bulk Fill is our new flowable lining composite with excellent physical properties for reliable direct restorations in the posterior dentition. The entire cavity can be filled using the bulk fill technique with a layer up to 4 mm thick. This makes work easier as well as faster.


  • Base restoration with layer thicknesses up to 4 mm in the case of class I and II cavities
  • Cavity lining – as the first layer for class I and II cavities

Thanks to its consistency, it is malleable and flows very well around the walls of the cavity. The thin application cannulas of the Bulk Fill Fillies enable secure application and bubble-free adaptation of the composite to the walls and floor of the cavity. The high proportion of fillers and a high degree of elasticity, guarantees shrinkage of less than 3%. Because of the chameleon effect of Bisico®. Bulk Fill in the universal dentine colour, the restoration perfectly matches the natural colour of teeth and is practically invisible. Restorations with Bisico® Bulk Fill can be easily finished and polished. Bisico® Bulk Fill is free of bis-GMA; which proves an extremely high degree of biocompatibility.

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