BisiCAL is a bioactive light-cure resin reinforced pulp capping material with MTA-f­illers. The release of calcium-ions supports the formation of tertiary dentine. The result is a safe pulp protection.

The high alkaline pH level has bactericidal effects and thus supports healing and protects against hypersensitivity. BisiCAL is moisture tolerant, insoluble and shows a high radiopacity. Thanks to its thixotropic behavior and with the supplied needletip BisiCAL can be applied very precisely, even in deep cavity preparations.

Light cure of BisiCAL ensures controlled setting. After 40 seconds of light curing the next clinical step is possible.

BisCAL is a one-component material, mixing times and errors are avoided. The light curing process ensures a fast and controlled f­ixation of the material. The high pH value creates an environment that is hostile to bacteria. Thanks to bioactive f­illers, tertiary dentin (hydroxyapatite (Ca5(PO4)3(OH)) is formed by releasing Ca2+ and OH-ions. The pulp is protected and supported in healing.

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